An open science environment for health analytics

CIELO fosters multi-disciplinary collaboration in health analytics, allowing users to share and collaborate across distributed research activities.


Access health analytics data and code.


Connect with health researchers, policy analysts, informaticians, citizen scientists, and others.


Engage and collaborate with others with similar research interests.

Popular Public Bundles

Non-production-ready python routines (using scipy/numpy/pandas) for pair-wise sequence alignment of sequences of vectors. Input format is m x n matrix where m is the length of sequence and n is the dimension of the vectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

CIELO stands for “Collaborative Informatics Environment for Learning on Health Outcomes” and is a collaborative tool that enables health researchers, data scientists, policy analysts, and citizen scientists to share software and data and connect with peers, colleagues and specialists to improve the timeliness, efficiency and transparency of data analysis.

There is no fee, joining is absolutely 100% free.

The CIELO platform is a program under the new CTSA Program National Center for Data to Health (CD2H). 

CD2H stands for Center for Data to Health. CD2H will be led by Dr. Melissa Haendel (OHSU), Dr. Kristi Holmes (Northwestern University), Dr. Sean Mooney (University of Washington), Dr. Christopher Chute (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine), and John Wilbanks (Sage Bionetworks). These institutions, together with The Scripps Research Institute, Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Iowa, and The Jackson Laboratory will work with CTSA Program hubs and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) at the National Institutes of Health to launch the CD2H. 


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